1 Ply Toilet Paper

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1 Ply Toilet Paper
Last Updated: January 23, 2020 Units: ¢/Square Foot
# Store Unit Price
1 Sam's Club 0.5¢
2 Amazon 0.7¢
3 Walmart 0.7¢
4 Boxed 0.7¢
5 Target 0.7¢
6 Jet 0.9¢
7 Home Depot 1.2¢

Bulkernalities: Money Savings Fewer Trips Less Packaging Inflation Protection Emergency Preparedness Storage Space User Preference Membership Fees Higher Consumption Rate

Due to the recent toilet paper shortage as a result from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a toilet paper calculator has been developed to help estimate how many rolls of TP are need and how long that would last in a quarantine. It’s pretty slick and has some more advanced options to get a clear picture of realistic toilet paper consumption.

1 Ply toilet paper significantly reduces the unit costs compared to 2 ply toilet paper and can also help keep septic tanks and plumping running smoothly.

Another approach to reduce bathroom related costs is using a bedet.

Reminder: Check your local retailers and compare here to make sure you're getting the best deal when buying bulk! Bulkonomics uses some basic assumptions with all listed products.
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