Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to buy in Bulk?
A: First, research the best unit price for an item, consider the negative impacts of purchasing large quantities, estimate the quantitiy needed based on consumption rate, stock up accordingly. Calculate savings (optional).

Q: Is buying in bulk really cheaper?
A: Typically yes, purchasing products in larger quantities lowers the unit cost per item. Target and othe non-wholesale retailers can provide smaller packaged quantities with a low unit cost.

Q: Why is it cheaper to buy in bulk?
A: Lower production costs are realized due to Economies of scale when creating the product. These lower costs can be passed down to the consumer when purchased in large quantities.

Q: How do I calculate unit prices?
A: A products unit price is simply the total cost of the item divided by the quantitiy of the item. Typically the quantitiy would be in weight (pounds/ounces) item quantitiy (count/number/each) , volume (fluid ounces) area (square feet) length(foot/inches)

Q: What are the top bulk items to stock up on for a quarantine?
A: Toilet paper, water, antibacterial hand soap, dry beans, dish soap, laundry detergent.

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