The Purpose of Bulkonomics is to simplify buying items in bulk by calculating products unit price. To save money when purchasing bulk products, the unit price is the most important.

Bulknomics helps you understand the unit price for name brand products. Every purchase has complementary items (ie. store brands) that may offer significant savings. Armed with the information on Bulkonomics, you can determine if the difference is worth the trade off.

Bulkonomics currently lists 39 bulk products with unit prices (when available) from the following online retailers:


When calculating the cost comparison between products, some assumptions need to be made. The goal is to compare apple’s to apples, but sometime this can get a little tricky between multiple vendors and different product offerings. Bulkonomics.com does its best, but some assumptions will be made to simplify things. Here are a list of automatic assumptions across all product comparisons:

  1. Price comparisons do not include shippings, taxes, coupon codes, additional discounts or savings on the product(s).
  2. Price comparisons do not include membership fees. These could be Amazon Prime or Costco/Sam’s Club annual Membership costs. This is something that can either be calculated manually by the end user (ie. YOU!) or they can be assumed away from the offset of savings generated from them annually.
  3. Bulk is the goal, but quality is still a priority. There is a certain standard that needs to exist when buying in bulk. Since the product stays around longer, it needs to have a decent shelf life, and needs to be enjoyable product to use for that duration of time.
  4. All prices were found online at the “updated date” listed. Prices can change any time and vary by different location or region.

All support for Bulkonomics is through Amazon affiliate program. Product prices are sorted by price without preferential treatment given to affiliate links. At no additional cost to the buyer, buying Amazon products through links on this site allows Bulkonomics to go Bulk with more content!


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